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faqHow can I buy a Pro-Vivendi apartment?

Buying with the long term lease agreement you become the owner of a PRO-VIVENDI apartment.

What is a long term beneficiary lease?

You acquire the right to use and enjoy an apartment which is titled to your name or you and your partner’s name in perpetuity.

How will my apartment be decorated?

You have the freedom to decorate your apartment to your preferences and needs. Only the specially designed ergonomic kitchen area comes fully fitted in each apartment.

Can my pet live with me in the Pro-Vivendi development ?

Obviously your pet cat, dog or bird can live with you as long as it does not cause a nuisance or presents a danger to your neighbours in the community.

What guarantees do I have with the beneficiary lease ownership?

You will sign an official purchase contract of the lease ownership. This document is the legal deed to the property which will be in your name and you will be entitled to live there throughout your life.

May I transfer the beneficiary lease to my children?

No, the withdrawal of the beneficiary lease for by voluntary agreement or because the title holders have died means that a part of the original investment will be transferred to the title holder’s beneficiaries to the bank account that you stipulate in the legal deeds of the property. The costs and projected benefits are all stipulated in the initial legal purchase documentation.

What happens if I become ill?

You will have 24 hour medical attention. Thanks to our internal alarm system you will never be alone. You can call medical attention by pressing the alarm button at whatever time of day and you will be visited by a doctor or, if necessary, taken to a nearby clinic or hospital.

Is there an age limit to be able to live in Pro-Vivendi?

Yes, the minimum age is 55 years of age. There are no other restrictions as long as you are over 55.

Do I lose my rights to the beneficiary lease if I do not live in my apartment?

Obviously not. You are the legal long term leaseholder of the apartment. If you will be away for more than two successive months then you can make use of our rental service, confident in the knowledge that you remain the beneficiary leaseholder of the property and that you will benefit from the rental income (75% of the rental is paid to you and 25% is kept back for expenses, community and management charges).

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